Puisi RW, seorang mahasiswi.

The most paintful Ramadhan ever
The most disappointing, surfering
I don’t even know if I could reach my own victory throught this month
I losing my self
That hide in darkness and silence
Feel sorrow and emptiness all alone
Knowing how angry is God to me angry as me to my self
Though I still can count how much God gave me bless
I’m facing my reality With some kinda unconsciousness, also with high tensity of logic
Between mind and feeling, logic and unlogic, wrong and right, emotion and poise
If egoism could walk for the sake of goodness, hide the truth, the best problem solving, hell yeah

diambil dari http://kabar3.com/blog/2013/12/iwan-pangka-kita-semua-kalah#.UqvdeHgazCT

Diterbitkan oleh roysayur

Karena sayur begitu ngeRoy!!

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